Hello and welcome to The Official Website of Todd Coolman!  Although I am primarily involved in the world of jazz music performance and education as a professional, I have created this Website to additionally encompass a few things that pertain to some of my interests and passions outside of music as well.  If you are interested, do stick around and check it out. If, by some slim chance, you have any parallel interests, or can in some way enhance my own experiences, feel free to reach me through my contact link with your thoughts.  I can’t promise that I will answer it immediately, but I will respond eventually.  I have posted my performance itinerary for your information as well, in case you care to come out and hear some live music sometime. Also, please visit my Blog and my Store.  I use the blog as a place where I can free-associate, and basically talk about anything that is on my mind...either within the music world or outside of music.  My interests are quite varied.  In my store, you may sample my wares and I will provide autographed copies of anything on display.  
     I am still a devout musician, but I guess I have arrived at a point in my life where work and career, although still very important and fundamental, are not the only things I live for….

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Announcing a new, online video course created by Todd Coolman: "Jazz Acoustic Bass Playing For The Novice." A comprehensive course that provides a beginner in jazz acoustic bass playing with all of the essential music skills you need to get “up and running” with the instrument. 

After completing this video course, you will be able to perform jazz on the acoustic bass well enough to play in combos with other musicians and players of similar experience to you, and potentially some who may be at more advanced levels than you.

I will show you basics like proper hand positions tuning, and note locations. We will also be covering more challenging topics such as constructing a walking bass line, 12-bar blues progression, jazz rhythm, and syncopation.

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Previous events

A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie

Purchase Performing Arts Center, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY

The Jon Faddis Quartet

Jon Faddis, trumpet and leader Conservatory of Music Jazz Studies faculty, Professor and Director of Jazz Performance

Renee Rosnes, piano

Todd Coolman, bass Conservatory of Music Jazz Studies faculty, Professor, former Director of Jazz Studies

Dion Parson, drums University of St. Thomas, USVI

Plus special guests

Tom Harrell, trumpet & flugelhorn Antonio Hart, saxophone Alioune Faye, percussion


Max Darché, trumpet Conservatory of Music Jazz Studies – Purchase College-SUNY MusB ‘06, MM ’08 Bruce Harris, trumpet Conservatory of Music Jazz Studies – Purchase College -SUNY MusB‘05, MM ‘09 Andrew Latona, guitar


Record date w/ trombonist Michael Dease